Welcome to Asheville's

 Harold C Enloe 

Lodge # 1

Lodge Address:

18 Piney Park Rd

Asheville, NC 28806

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FOP's ​101st Anniversary  1915 - 2016

​The North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police is a part of our nation's oldest, largest and most respected law enforcement organization. The Fraternal Order of Police began in Pittsburgh, Pa in 1915. The first lodge in NC was chartered in 1953 in Asheville. We now have over 6000 members in 59 local lodges from federal, state and local agencies, departments large and small, from the mountains to the coast.

Chartered in 1953, Asheville's Harold C Enloe Lodge 1 was the first Fraternal Order of Police Lodge established in North Carolina.

Currently Asheville's Harold C Enloe Lodge 1 has 300 members. These members are made up of law enforcement officers from the Asheville Police Department, the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office, NC Probation and Parole, and many others.

Please see the Presidents Page reference our fundraiser.